Misc. Flirc Harmony Device Combo

It is not necessary to have a supported Flirc Logitech device in the harmony software. For example, if you would like to use your harmony with NVIDIA Shield, add an arbitrary device to your harmony. We recommend Samsung or Panasonic devices. Just make sure that the device does not exist in your living room, otherwise, your harmony will control both your newly paired flirc, as well as the device.

Add an Arbitrary Device

Click on the big blue plus button labeled "Add device".

Add an arbitrary device to your remote, we recommend Samsung, but make sure you don't have a samsung device in the same room as the shield.

Again, as an example, add Samsung as a manufacturer.

Add an arbitrary model number, like: UN55HU6840

Note - Autocomplete will not work when entering the model number

Confirm that the device is added, it should now be shown in your device list

Rename Arbitrary Device

Remember, our TV we added is arbitrary. What's important is our remote control is going to send out signals on button presses. We're then going to pair our remote with Flirc using the cross platform GUI, for whatever app/device we want. It's meaningless that it's called a Samsung device on your remote. So to help avoid any confusion and make this cohesive, let's rename it to our example, NVIDIA Shield.

Enter in the name of your device. In this example, we're going to be using NVIDIA Shield

Setup your Harmony Activity

This step isn't entirely necessary. However, if you have a harmony, you'll most likely want to setup an activity. This is the part where you'll create an activity or add it to an existing activity. Since this part is relatively specific to individual setups, we wont walk through a particular example.

Pair your new Device with Flirc

Now that you have a device on your harmony, we'll want to pair this with flirc for the corresponding application/device we'll be using it with. So activate the new device we created on your harmony. In this case, make sure the NVIDIA Shield remote is active on your harmony. Head to your computer, and install the flirc software.

Once the Flirc GUI is installed, fire it up and select the file menu called controllers, and choose 'NVIDIA Shield'. Click on Go, and the software will walk you through pairing your remote control.

For a deeper guide using the Flirc Graphical User interface, please see the ghraphical user interface chapter.

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