Long Presses

A promised new gen 2 feature is something called long presses. This is by far the coolest feature to a very common problem. Most remote controls only have so many buttons, like the very popular AppleTV remote. The basic functions are supported, however, if you also want to control volume, you're out of luck because you don't have enough buttons on your remote.

Alas, long press will save you. This allows you to assign a second function on the same already used remote control button, should you hold the button down instead of tapping it.

For my setup, the up and down arrows are used to navigate the menu. However, if I hold the up arrow, it will increase the volume.

Buttons need to be held down for half a second before sending the second function.

But there is more.....

Long Presses to Macro

That's right. Not only can now assign two functions to a single remote control button press, but the event after half a second doesn't have to be a single function, it could be a macro.

Setting up Macros

There is currently no GUI support for macros yet. To set them up, please follow the appropriate commandline chapter.

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