Certain common issues are known and discussed in this section.

High DPI Displays

Resolution too small or Text Unreadable

On previous versions of the GUI, certain monitors caused issues, as seen below:

However, as of GUI version 3.0.0 and above, the GUI has been re-designed to better support high resolution displays and this should no longer be an issue.

If this is an issue, head to the downloads section of the flirc website, and download the latest software.

Resolution too big

On version v3.0.0 and above, the GUI can be too big, as seen below:

The GUI is written to only be 800x600. If the resolution of the monitor is set to 800x600 then obviously the above issue can not be avoided. However, this could be an issue on High DPI displays. The issue is that windows is currently set to run in scaling mode. For example, some users will run their desktop in 150% scaling for usability or "couch" viewing on a large screen HD display.

The fix is simple, turn off scaling while setting up flirc. Once done, scaling can be turned on again.

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