Inteset Remote Setup

Official support is coming for Inteset remote controls and Flirc. We are in engaged in a special partnership where the details will be revealed shortly.

In the mean time, Inteset remotes are currently supported and work well via the manual pairing method. We've also provided ready to go configurations for your convenience.

Add a device code that's not in your living room, like a Panasonic or Samsung TV codes to one of the remotes’ top Device Code buttons (A, B, C, or D). Startup the graphical user interface, and pair with any of the supported profiles in the Flirc Pairing GUI as described Install our pairing application.

We do not recommend using any of the default profiles in the (A, B, C, D) device buttons. There are known issues with them; they do not have enough buttons and they will conflict with devices in your living room if present.

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