Remote Control Issues

Logitech Specific

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General Issues

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Known Problematic Remote Controls

The following remotes are known to be problematic or unsupported. While some may never be possible to support, others will be supported over firmware updates.

Remote Control Issue Future Support
Amazon FireTV Remote RF, not IR No
Dish Networks Not sure Yet Not Sure Yet

Buttons Sticking

Coming Soon

Buttons Not Repeating

Button should repeat. Please email the support team if the remote is not repeating buttons when holding them down.

Every Other Button Press Not Registering

This can be remedied by recording every key twice in succession. For example, using the manual pairing method record the up key, then immediately after succesfully recording the up button, do the up button again. Use the double pairing method for every key on your remote.

The reason for this issue is that this particular remote sends alternating patterns for every successive button press. The reason is so the TV knows if you pressed the remote button twice, or someone walked in front of the remote control interrupting the signal.

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