Basic Pairing

The most basic keys on almost all applications can be paired with the first most controller in the Flirc GUI, as identified below in the minimilist controller.


To help simplify the pairing process, some of the GUI is automated. For example, the minimal controller has a 'go' button. Pressing that will start the automated pairing process.

The keys on the GUI are highlighted one at a time. They will blink and wait indefinitely for you to hit a button on your remote to pair with the highlighted key.

Once this button is pressed on your remote, the GUI will notify you that the button was succesfully recorded, and proceed to the next button.

If there is a problem recording the remote button, an appropriate error code will be displayed and a dialog will be prompted.

Error Codes

Start Over - This will reset the automated process and start back at the first key in the sequence while formatting your device. If there are other keys recorded outside of the automated process, they will be deleted too. Skip - Ignore this specific button, and move on to the next button Redo - Try hitting another button on your remote instead of the one used. Perhaps you accidentally hit the wrong one to begin with

Manual Pairing

The automated process is completely optional, and may not be present on certain GUI controllers. Pairing keys can be done manually by click a key on the GUI once. The Key will blink green indefinitely, and the Notification Area will instruct you to press a button on your remote control. The user notification will let you know of a success or error in recording.

As an example, hit 'enter' on the minimal controller, the user will be prompted to pair a remote button.

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