Built In Profiles

Flirc has it's very own IR protocol. This means, this protocol will not interfere with any other devices in your setup and is guaranteed to be unique. Some of these profiles are built into flirc, enabled by default, and meant to be used with various specific devices.

Various remote control partners support these built in profiles for seemless setup. For example, you can grab a logitech harmony or an inteset remote, add the flirc - firetv profile to your remote, and your remote + flirc will work with your firetv without any additional setup.

Currently, there are 5 built in profiles;

  • FireTV Profile - To be used with the FireTV
  • Kodi Profile - To be used with the Kodi (XBMC) software
  • Microsoft WMC Profile - To be used with windows media center remote controls
  • Flirc WMC Profile - To be used with logitech/streacom and windows media center
  • NVIDIA Shield Profile - For the NVIDIA Shield

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