Universal Remote Control Partners

We have partnered with select remote control partners for ease of use, and minimal setup.

Partner Website
Logitech Home Page
Inteset Home Page

What Is This?

We've partnered with select remote control manufacturers to allow seemless integration, ease of use, and operation for our customers. Certain devices within these remote controls have been pre-pared with Flirc. That means, for example, you can add the Logitech - Kodi profile on your harmony, take a new flirc out of it's packaging, plug it into a PC/system running kodi, and your Flirc will just work with your Logitech remote control and it's kodi profile. No additional software is needed to pair your remote with Flirc. It just works.

This chapter walks through using and setting up these profiles on your remote control.

Customizing Built-In Profiles

If for any reason one of the buttons in our partners isn't mapped to the correct function of your choice, it's very simple to overcome this. Install our pairing application on your computer. Open up the user interface application, choose the keys within the GUI you'd like paired with the remote button on our partnered remote. You should be prompted to hit any key on your remote. Press the button on your remote you'd like to pair. That's it. You've just over-rode the built in Flirc profile set functionality for that remote button.

Un-Doing Custmozitation of Built-In Profiles

Hopefully, you still have the GUI installed on your computer. If not, install our pairing application on your computer. Hit the Erase Key in the GUI, the press the button on your remote control that you previously over-rode.

You will be prompted with a success, or a failure. If a failure is shown, this means the button was not over-ridden.

The other way to remove or reset a device, is by formatting the device.

Note - Formatting a device clears the user configuration of a device. It does not remove the built-in profiles of our partner remotes.

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