About This Manual

Note - This User Guide is New, and a work in progress. If anything is missing please email us immediately.

This is a comprehensive guide to use Flirc in various configurations and systems. While this guide aims to be aa complete source of information, more information can be found in live help articles on http://support.flirc.tv and http://forum.flirc.tv

Terms used in this manual:

  • Flirc: This will refer to the Flirc USB receiver hardware.
  • Flirc GUI: Flirc Graphical User Interface. This is the software that is used for pairing your remote control with Flirc
  • Flirc CLI: Flirc Command Line Interface. This is primarily for advanced users and is installed alongside the GUI.
  • Logitech Harmony: This can refer to any logitech powered harmony remote control
  • Inteset Remote: A remote control branded by inteset, a flirc partner.
  • RPI: Just an abbreviation for raspberry pi
  • Controller: A particular screen in the graphical user interface
  • Key: Key is referred to as a key on a keyboard or in the GUI
  • Button: A button on a physical remote control. Not to be confused with a key, which refers to a keyboard key, or the key on the Flirc GUI.
  • HID: Human Interface Device. An acronym created by the USB specification which refers to a standard input device to a compute
  • Macro: Multiple commands assigned to a single action
  • Long Press: Describes a special case button. Press it once, and one command results, hold it down, and another results.

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